Jewelry Box, a lost French royal dish available in "Christmas Combo" at Flower of Salt

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Jewelry Box, a lost French royal dish
available in “Christmas Combo” at Fleur de Sel

Autumn and winter are the best seasons to enjoy French cuisine! You may taste truffles, mushrooms from Italy, chestnut from France, as well as autumn crab and seasonal vegetables such as persimmon, Roselle, passion fruit and sweet broad bean from Taiwan. This year, Flower of Salt, an upscale French cuisine restaurant in Taichung, offers Christmas combo that involves all these ingredients, including “Beef Jewelry Box”, a French royal dish that you’ve never seen before in Taiwan, or “Spanish Iberico Pork Filet with American Lobster Broad Bean Mash”, with top-level ingredients imported for the first time, also “Savoy Cabbage Soup with Blood Sausage, Chestnut and Beet Bubbles”, a pottage featuring French savoy cabbage and homemade blood sausage, “Crab Fruit Salad with Roselle Sorbet”, autumn crab meat dressed with passion fruit sauce together with Roselle sorbet, “Winter Marine Fish with Orange, Potato, Tomato and Olive”, mainly prepared with black spots marine fish from Penghu or flounder from European seas, “Trinity Appetizer” and “ Chef’s Special Dessert”. Flower of Salt Christmas combo now available at NTD2999+10% per person.


“Jewelry Box”, a French royal dish hard to find even in France
What are those cherished in the princess’ jewelry box? Agate, jewelry, crystal...and the most shining one, of course, diamond. “Truffle” is diamond of delicacy. Only if within your budget, a jewelry box will be tailored for you by the chef. Prepared by Flower of Salt, “Jewelry Box of Winter Crispy Beef” features five-layered homemade pastry crust packaging American Prime beef filet, truffle, foie-gras and seasonal ingredients such as French mushroom and chestnut. Why Prime filet instead of wagyu, top cap or rib eye? Chef LI Yujun tells you why: as foie-gras is included in the Jewelry Box, fat beef cuts would make the dish greasy. Filet is the best choice. The success of this course rides on heating degree and duration inside the roaster, as beef is wrapped inside the crust, how it is cooked cannot be observed during cooking but decided by an experienced chef. Due to complicated preparation and refined technique required, this course is rare in Taiwan and even France. “Jewelry Box of Winter Crispy Beef” is served for two-person combo and takes three days to prepare. Be sure to make a reservation in advance!

Breath-taking delicious Spanish Iberico pork
Spanish Iberico pork, the world’s best of its kind, is finally imported! “Spanish Iberico Pork Filet with American Lobster Broad Bean Mash” is prepared with filet, a rare cut of pork selected by the chef, wrapped with very thin streaky pork slices and roasted. As the chef introduces: Iberico pork can be tasted while raw, not necessarily fully cooked. The best is to 60 or 70 percent. It tastes fresh and delicious, polished with subtle acorn aroma, going with pan-fried American lobster with sprinkled sea salt, and seasonal ingredients such as crab meat, persimmon and broad bean. You’re expected to experience this seasonal delicacy.