“Fleur de Sel” started to blossom in 2004.
It could be the first French cuisine restaurant in Taiwan to practice
“Seasonal Menu” idea and widely use local ingredients.

Profoundly edified by French and Italian cuisine,

chef Li, Yu-chung understands, through numerous times of study and exchange,
European chefs’ attention to natural conditions and social customs,
and their love for (giving full play to) and respect to local ingredients.
She then was aroused to integrate all quality ingredients in Taiwan
with her 30 years of cooking expertise and travel experience,
hoping to diversified usage and taste of local ingredients.

The “cuisine” represents “heart” of the chef,
and no-menu cuisine reflects her consistent efforts in cooking technique,
passion for continuing creation,
as well as knowledge (perception) and usage of ingredients.
To perfectly combine local quality ingredients
with worldwide seasonal delicacies,
we are bringing you a feast of dainty and pleasure.

We believe that any ingredient has its best time of ripening and consumption.
Therefore the chef selects fresh seasonal ingredients
including seafood, meat, vegetable and oil,
and fully understands those available every day
to stick to the principle of strict selection.
By variety of ingredients and your favor,
three options are available at NTD3500 and Tasting-Menu atNTD5880.

Led by the chef,
our team shares a common expectation:
our passion for cuisine brings to distinguished guests not only dainty,
but also a touching temperature.

For information of ingredients available today,
please consult the waiter.