During her exercitation in France,
Chef Li,Yu-chung read a book “Et la mer “deviant del to discover that
French cuisine stresses so much on salt,
And salt is so important to a person pursuing perfect cooking.
Such particularity in ingredients conforms to the title of the restaurant,
Fleur de sel (or Flower of salt),
a selected salt among its kind with rare production.

Flower of Salt, which means essence in ancient Chinese,
is given to a French cuisine restaurant.
Delicate, enchanting as Flower of Salt,
French dainty by chef LI Yujun brings you a perceptible temperature
With her particular ingredients and consistent craftsmanship!

Located by the park lane of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts,
The restaurant features a classical while fashionable appearance,
with a dark grey arched door, a courtyard with green French turf,
And a totem of rooster at the gate that looks like a Cancan girl.
This diligent, independent and confident rooster marching
with head high and broad strides,
Is exactly spirit logo of the restaurant, and that of the French Republic.

Sleek lines and quiet colors
Produce a dining space of modern and enchanting atmosphere,
With flower-shaped crystal lights echoing on black diamond-liked floor,
And French chanson notes flowing among rose pedals on the table.
Though small-sized, the restaurant renders equilibrium and grace,
In addition to gentle service and polite wording from the waiters,
To perfect the dainty with delicacy and elegance.