Chef : Li,Yu-chung

I love the temperature brought to people by food,
Conveying intimacy, warmness and familiarity;
or Narrating a period of time, a story, or a memory.
We always can find the temperature that we expect in food,
To comfort ourselves, miss someone, and thank others.
Beyond the taste, there is sincerity of our soul.

That’s why I love to search for ingredients everywhere,
By visiting organic smallholders and
agricultural improvement institutes home and abroad.
I experience wonderfulness of the ingredients and carefulness of the hosts,
And bring them to you on my hands,
With a perceptible temperature of Flower of Salt!


With 30 years of experience in western-style food,
Li, Yu-Chung is the first female chef of French cuisine in central Taiwan.
As she enjoys keeping learning and accepting challenges,
she resolutely laid down an Italian restaurant that has been operated
for eight years and flew to France for learning French cuisine.
To master the culinary art, LI learnt French language,
stayed in the country for one and a half year to get exposed to French culture,
and took culinary studies course opened by Joel Robuchon,
a famous chef in France, with over ten certificates acquired.
Nowadays, she not only speaks French fluently,
but also has a passion for French cuisine.
She says: “If you love France, you will definitely love my food!”

  • Exercitation and exchange in starred restaurants in Italy and France
  • July 2004, Establishment of Fleur de sel French cuisine restaurant
  • 2003, studies course opened by Joel Robuchon, famous Michelin three-star chef ; Professional chef workshop opened by Le Notre ; Chocolate and western-style pastry studies course opened by School of Le Notre
  • 2002, language learning at L’institut de Touraine, a famous language school in France
  • 2000, ICIF "Asti" culinary school in northen Italy
  • 1999, language learning at Bell College in UK
  • 1997, establishment of PaPaMio Italian restaurant
  • 1993, Foreman of western-style restaurant, Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taichung)
  • 1991, Foreman of western-style restaurant, Grand Hyatt Taipei
  • 1984, Fuyao Grand Hotel Taipei